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  • Mowing: cut, edge, trim lawn and remove grass clippings

  • Pruning: remove all dead, broken, diseased or problem limbs

  • Weed Treatment: eliminate weeds in lawn and prevent their return by maintaining healthy grass

  • Leaf Removal: remove debris and grass 

  • Lawn Fertilization: 

  • Storm Clean-up:

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Stone Landscaping


We love to pay attention to your yard. Upgrade and beautify your outdoor living environment with our huge selection of patio stones and pavers plus edging stones.

  • Stones & Pavers

  • Retaining Walls

Whatever your needs, we're available


Mulching is the final step in maintaining a pristine landscape bed. We offer many varieties of mulch. Things such as color and cut of the mulch are up to you! From red to brown to black, no job is finished until a fresh layer of mulch is applied. Mulch is typically applied at a rate of approximately 2 inches. “Preen” weed pre-emergent is also available.

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We offer many options in the area of flowers. Whether you want to plant bulbs that will grow and blossom or you want the instant results of a fresh flat of flowers we have got you covered. Contact us to do a walk through of your beds and find out what flowers are right for you.

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Owning and managing commercial property can mean a whole host of challenges, from dealing with tenant issues to maintenance.  You can take the pressure off in the area of landscaping with the help of the professional team at Shoreline Yardworks.  We can assist you in keeping all forms of business property manicured and looking presentable.  Our services are ideal for:


  • Apartment complexes

  • Condominiums

  • Our focus on the details and health of your landscaping combined with a customer-centric service model means that you will always have an easy way to solve any landscaping challenge.  We will work with you to ensure that your commercial property is an asset to the neighborhood and something you can be proud to own or manage.

  • Residential rental properties

  • Strip centers

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare facilities and much more.

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Spring/Fall Clean Up 

Once the snow melts in the spring, what is left behind is often not pretty. Our spring cleanup crews will come to your house or place of business to clean and remove the debris which has accumulated in your beds and yard. In the fall, when the beauty of the colorful trees turns into the burden of picking up leaves, we are there for you! Both spring and fall cleanups are done through the use of powerful leaf blowers, rakes, tarps and good old fashioned muscle. Contact us ASAP for these services because demand is high and space is limited!

Landscaping Maintenance & Pruning

To control plant growth, regular pruning is recommended. Pruning includes trimming off new plant growth, shaping the plant and removing any dead sections. In certain plants, some branches are trimmed to the base in order to thin the plant. Pruning gives your landscape a cleaner more structured look as well as the practicality of keeping bushes off of walkways and driveways.

Call Us Now: 440-488-1209
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Lawn Care & Maintenance
Lawn Mowing
  • Professional tools from Honda, Exmark, and Walker.

  • Edging and trimming around walkways and obstacles.

  • We take our clippings away!

  • Any size residential or commercial property.

  • We let you choose your mow day and the type/size of mower used!


Lawn & Landscape Treatments


  • Certified Applicators get to know YOUR lawn.

  • Professional grade fertilizers and pest control.

  • We offer several program options and we can tailor our services based on your wants and needs.

  • Low Maintenance Programs to high Maintance high demand propertys

  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program and Barrier Insect Control for Landscapes.

  • Any size residential or commercial property.

  • Treatment Resources

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